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Supporting our Community

Local independent community banks like Texas Brand Bank are tied directly with the economic vitality of a community. Dallas and our surrounding communities are no different, and we are blessed that economic trends are now moving in the right direction.

When the economy was under extreme duress due to the pandemic in 2020, Texas Brand Bank, along with other local community banks, moved rapidly to assist small businesses by joining the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). In the first round of the program in the spring and summer, we made over 525 loans totaling $61,000,000 to support these businesses.

Due to our participation in the program, and small businesses’ exasperation in trying to find help from large banks, we grew rapidly, with our assets topping over $300,000,000 for the first time.

When the economy needed additional relief in 2021, we also participated in the second round of the PPP loan program, granting an over 550 loans totaling over $48,000,000.

While we had only about 500 loans equaling $190,000,000 before the pandemic hit, our staff worked 24/7 to make almost 1,100 loans totaling $110,000,000 to support the small businesses of the Metroplex in just a few months.

We continue to make loans of all kinds to businesses in our local community; our deposits are continuing to grow, and our assets now exceed $340,000,000. We want to thanks our customers, employees, friends and shareholders as we move forward helping local small businesses grow and prosper.

Involved With our Community

Texas Brand Bank is a proud supporter of Downtown Dallas, Inc, a local non-profit corporation. The organization is the principal advocate, champion and steward of Downtown Dallas by developing strategies, setting targets and mobilizing resources that stimulate a vibrant and sustainable Downtown environment, improve infrastructure and enhance economic competitiveness. Downtown Dallas, Inc is primarily supported by funds from private business and individuals. 

Texas Brand Bank is a strong supporter of Hope Clinic in Garland, and we encourage others to support them as well. Hope Clinic is a Garland provider of health care to low- and moderate-income families lacking insurance. Hope Clinic is primarily supported by funds from private business and individuals. 

Texas Brand Bank also headed up the private fundraiser for the Grey Owl District of Boy Scouts of America. Private funds help to fund scouting activities not supported by Worldwide organizations.


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