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Dear Valued Customer:

At Texas Brand Bank, we have your best interests in mind, especially when it comes to your finances and financial privacy.

We wanted to make you aware of legislation being discussed in the U.S. Congress, that if passed, would require our bank to report your private account information to the IRS each year. This would include deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, transfers, and more. Texas Brand Bank, along with the Texas Bankers Association (TBA) and the American Bankers Association (ABA), strongly opposes this proposal.

We are committed to the security and privacy of your account information and finances, which this proposal jeopardizes. You have a voice and can let your viewpoint be known to your Senators and Representatives by emailing or calling them.

For your convenience, the TBA has made it almost effortless for you to take action and voice your concerns to your Senators and Representatives. Please use the following link to visit TBA’s website to find out more information on the IRS Reporting Proposal and the efforts to oppose it.

Take Action Now – Texas Bankers Association Website

We urge you to communicate with your elected officials today.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Texas Brand Bank at (972) 494-9800.

Thank you for your business, and we look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come.


William E. Lowe

President and Chief Executive Officer

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